Guided Dental Implants

Guided dental implants heal quicker and are more reliable than traditional dental implant placement procedures. Guided dental implant placement procedures use advanced technologies to create custom surgical templates to ensure optimal placement. The X-Nav guidance system helps Dr. Traynor and her team significantly reduce the healing timeline and risk of complications following surgery.

What is X-Nav-guided dental implant surgery?

The X-Nav system improves Dr. Traynor’s surgical control over dental implant placement procedures. The X-Nav system physically guides the drill using custom surgical templates, real-time 3D imaging, and advanced computer-guidance technology.    

Benefits of 3D Guided Dental Implants

More Reliable, Accurate, and Precise

The most appealing benefit of using computer-guided implant surgery is the reliability and accuracy that the system enables. Dr. Traynor will use computerized tomography (CT) scans of your jaw to create a 3D image of your oral structure. The X-Nav system then uses the information in the 3D image to determine the best type of dental implant for the procedure, identify the optimal location for implant placement, and create a custom surgical template for Dr. Traynor to follow during live surgery.

Less Risk of Complication

Traditional dental implant placement surgery has a 97% success rate, and computer-guided surgery is even higher. The advanced imaging technology enables Dr. Traynor to see the entire anatomical structure of your oral cavity and plan accordingly. And the precision guidance system ensures the best placement location for the dental implant to fuse with your jawbone successfully.

Quicker Surgery and Less Recovery

Guided dental implants remove any guesswork from the procedure planning and execution. The real-time computer guidance enables a quick and clean placement. And the recovery and healing process usually progresses faster, so you can receive your final restoration as soon as possible following surgery.

Same-Day Implant Placement and Restoration

Computer-guided implant procedures allow Dr. Traynor to place a temporary restoration immediately. A traditional dental implant placement procedure can take up to a year before your restoration placement. Guided dental implant surgery often enables Dr. Traynor to extract a tooth, place the implant, and place a temporary restoration, all in the same appointment.

Bone Grafting is Often Unnecessary

Guided dental implants often don’t require patients to get costly bone grafts before surgery. In traditional dental implant placement procedures, bone grafting is often necessary for patients lacking sufficient jawbone mass to support an implant. The X-nav computer-guided system reduces the need for bone grafting by determining the ideal placement for an implant in the existing bone.

Dental implants are a time-tested and trusted treatment to restore your natural teeth function, feeling, and aesthetics. Our team is dedicated to using the most advanced surgical and dental technologies to produce the best results possible for our patients and enable lifelong oral health. Schedule your consultation today to learn more about guided dental implants and if the procedure suits your needs.

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