What is LANAP?

LANAP, an acronym for Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure is a periodontal procedure that truly regenerates the bone that is lost due to periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is a bacterial infection that occurs under the gums. This infection causes bone loss and the eventual loss of your teeth or implant. The LANAP procedure is performed with the only laser that is cleared by the FDA to regenerate the tissue that has been lost due to gum disease. Prior to the procedure, Dr. Traynor will complete a comprehensive periodontal exam and a 3D x-ray to make a proper diagnosis and determine the extent of the disease.

What is the recovery? And does it hurt?

LANAP is a no cut, no sew, with minimal to no discomfort after the procedure. Antibiotics and Ibuprofen will be prescribed for after the procedure. After having laser gum surgery, you will follow the post treatment instructions that will be given beforehand so you will be prepared. You will also be on a special rinse after the procedure and a soft diet for 2 weeks. This is so that the area of surgery is not disturbed during the healing period.

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What else should you know about LANAP?

The post treatment protocol of LANAP is very important. It entails you returning to Dr. Traynor’s Hygienist for periodontal maintenance every 3 months during the first year following the procedure. Following that, optimal periodontal health is maintained by alternating cleanings with Dr. Traynor and your general dentist every 3 months. You will do this, so you avoid the bacterium under the gums increasing and becoming destructive to the bone and gum tissue.

Would I have to do it again?

LANAP is designed to be a treatment for regeneration and management of periodontal disease. The most important part of treatment in LANAP is the continued maintenance for the many years to follow. By working directly with your general dentist your natural teeth and implants can remain healthy.