LAPIP™ Implant Treatment

Most dental implant placements are successful and last for decades. However, occasionally a dental implant fails, and repair or restoration is needed. When an implant fails because of an infection around it, it is referred to as peri-implantitis. The least invasive and most effective way to treat implant infections is with the Laser Assisted Peri-Implantitis Procedure (LAPIP™).


What is LAPIP?

Bacterial infection at the base of an implant can destroy the jawbone and surrounding soft tissues, leading to loosening or loss of the implant. Earlier treatments involved oral surgery to remove diseased tissues. LAPIP is the better course of action because it removes diseased tissue and regenerates the bone around the sick implant, giving much better results.


LAPIP stops infection around a failing implant using laser therapy to destroy bacteria around the implant and stimulate healing of the jawbone and gums. The laser helps form a blood clot to seal the periodontal pockets around the implant. This stimulates human growth factors and stem cells in the area to restore healthy bone and tissue, which adheres to the implant to stabilize it.


What are the Benefits of LAPIP for Peri-Implantitis?

LAPIP is a less invasive alternative to oral surgery that does not require incisions or long recovery times. Some of the benefits of LAPIP include:


  • Less bleeding
  • Less risk of reinfection following treatment
  • Minimally invasive
  • No surgical incisions
  • Shorter recovery time
  • Less pain
  • No need to remove the implant for treatment
  • No bone grafting needed
  • A high success rate for retaining implants
  • Typically completed in one office visit


If you have pain, inflammation, or lose dental implants, Dr. Traynor can relieve your pain, eliminate any infection, and preserve the integrity of your dental implants through LAPIP implant treatment.


What is the Difference Between LAPIP™ and LANAP™?


Both LAPIP and LANAP are dental laser therapies used to treat gum disease and infection. LANAP refers to Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure. It targets the infection found around natural teeth caused by gum disease or periodontal disease. LAPIP treats diseased or infected gums around dental implants. The LAPIP treatment also improves the odds of saving your dental implants and destroys any titanium corrosion.


How Does LAPIP Work?

The LAPIP procedure is an in-office treatment that targets diseased gum tissue to eliminate the infection and encourages cell growth and healing. This creates the ideal conditions for the regeneration of gums, bones, and ligaments supporting the dental implant.


A laser destroys the bacteria, diseased tissue, and any titanium corrosion around a failing or failed implant. Ultrasonic scalers then remove any surface contaminants or residue to provide a better surface for adhesion to the implants. The laser is used to create a blood clot that includes stem cells to encourage rapid healing and attachment of surrounding tissue and bone to the implant. If necessary, your bite should be adjusted to minimize pressure on the implant during recovery.


Laser therapy for peri-implantitis is a game-changer for our patients. Dr. Traynor can remove diseased tissue, encourage healing, and preserve implants with no pain, less bleeding, and improved recovery times using the LAPIP procedure.


If you are experiencing pain or inflammation due to failing dental implants, LAPIP implant treatment may help. Contact our office today at Traynor Periodontics & Implants Phone Number 203-661-5885 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Traynor.