FAQ for X Guide

What is the X-Guide?

The X-Guide is the most advanced technology in surgical implant placement. It is a computer guidance system with real-time 3D imaging that gives me the most accurate and precise surgical control over the dental implant procedure.

Why is it beneficial to the patient?

The X-Guide helps me see the entire anatomical structure of the oral cavity so I can plan the implant accordingly. Therefore, significantly reducing the healing timeline and the risk of complications.

Why is having an implant planned by the X-Guide better?

An implant planned by the X-Guide guarantees a more reliable, accurate, and precise placement of the implant. There are fewer risks for complications. It is a quicker surgery and a shorter recovery time.

Will the implant look better when planned with the X-Guide?

Yes! The X-Guide scans your jaw to create a 3D image then it uses the information to determine the best type/size of the implant. It identifies the optimal placement location and creates a customized surgical template for me to follow during surgery. Guaranteeing the implant placement blends in perfectly with the other teeth in your mouth.