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Our mission is to help patients live healthier lives. We provide a caring, nurturing environment where your comfort and health are of primary importance.

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From complex periodontal surgery to less invasive therapeutic treatments, we create sophisticated treatment plans customized to your unique needs.

Experience next-level implant care and exceptional results in our state-of-the-art facility. Efficient and courteous, our remarkable staff is committed to providing you with outstanding care. Dr. Traynor blends her world-class specialty education from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill with her ongoing research and clinical endeavors to provide the highest level of periodontics and dental implants.

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Well-known for her great communication style and warm presence, Dr. Traynor is an extremely effective clinician who remains ahead of the curve with all dental best practices and technology.

Ready to do something about your gummy smile? During a crown lengthening procedure, we correct the ratio of gum to the tooth by shaping the soft tissue and the bone tissue for the balanced smile you’ve always dreamed of.

Experiencing tooth loss from gum disease? Our primary goal when treating periodontal disease is to remove the buildup of bacteria to keep it from spreading, halt bone loss, and improve the health and appearance of your beautiful smile.

Missing teeth and longing for the perfect smile? Dental implants are the golden standard for replacing missing teeth, and ours restore your smile so that it reflects who you truly are, giving you a renewed sense of confidence and poise.

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Discover exceptional care and tailored treatment plans at Traynor Periodontics & Implants. Achieve a balanced, beautiful smile with our advanced procedures and expert team.

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